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"The vigour of our spiritual life will be in exact proportion to the place held by the Bible in our life and thoughts."
George Muller (1805-1898)

If this statement is true - and we believe it is - then it is vitally important for every Christian to read his or her Bible regularly.

Yet, as the result of research by two respected Christian organisations, confirmed by his own observations, the author of this website has become intensely aware that, apart from attendance at public worship, many sincere believers neither read the Bible nor hear it read, or if they do so, then it is only on rare occasions.

This has served to convince the author that the underlying reason for the lack of personal Bible reading in the UK is that many Christians have suffered a fundamental loss of confidence, not only in the Bible itself, but also in their God-given ability - and right - to read and understand the Scriptures for themselves. He has therefore compiled Confidence in the Word as a modest contribution towards restoring and enhancing much-needed assurance among believers that:-

  1. The Bible is the unique, authentic, authoritative and completely reliable Word of God. By considering some of the things the Bible says about itself, we highlight some of its distinguishing features. We also look at how our Lord Jesus Christ spoke about and used the Scriptures. We have called this section Examining the Bible's Testimony:

    - and -

  2. The Bible can be readily understood and applied to daily life by every Christian. Starting with an account of how a Bristol lady was healed of a debilitating illness by copying parts of the Bible by hand, we invite you to experience how the Scriptures can "speak" to you today. We have called this section Experiencing the Bible's Power.

In addition to these two main sections there are six introductory pages, four concluding pages offering further help and thought, and five appendices. Every page in Confidence in the Word has the single aim of helping you to regain and increase your trust in the Bible.

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The pages to be found in the five sections of Confidence in the Word are as follows:

Introductory Examining the Bible's Testimony Experiencing the Bible's Power Further Help and Thought Appendices
  1. Bible Reading Research
  2. Our Method
  3. Links to Other Websites
  4. Meet the Author
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While you are naturally at liberty to visit the pages of Confidence in the Word in any order you choose (you may, for example, wish to explore the background to the site in the Appendices before venturing to the main pages), we nevertheless believe that you will gain the greatest benefit by working through the pages in the order shown above. To assist you with this, the Proceed to: link at the foot of each page directs you to the next page in the group, or, in the case of the last page of a group, the first page of the following group. The first Return to: link directs you back to the previous page, or, in the case of the first page of a group, the last page of the previous group. Each page also has a link returning you directly to the Site Map. Where we have provided subsidiary pages (indented in the Site Map above) the return links direct you back either to the previous subsidiary page (if there is one) and/or to the related main page.

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We have also provided a range of links, including several Christian web directories. With only a few exceptions, these may be accessed via our page of Links to Other Websites. In order to avoid that page becoming unduly cumbersome we have not provided return links to other pages within this site. You will therefore need to click on the Back button on your browser in order to return to the Main Text. However, we have targetted all external links, so that wherever you are in the site you are visiting you can return directly to this site simply by clicking the Close button in the top right hand corner of your browser (you do no have to go back through all the pages you have visited).

All Bible references are given in the form of live links to the Bible Gateway, where you can view the Scriptures in a variety of English versions and a number of foreign languages. A selection of books from the Apocrypha may be viewed in the NETBible, which also includes the entire Old and New Testaments. Our use of these facilities is gratefully acknowledged (see Acknowledgements).

Our Prayer... that God will use this website to give every visitor renewed assurance that they can trust and understand the Bible for themselves, and that, as a result, they will want to make reading God's Word a regular part of their daily routine from now on.

We pray too that every visitor will be moved to put into practice what they read in the Scriptures, and above all, to deepen their knowledge of our heavenly Father, through his only Son, Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to whom, One God in three Persons, be all praise forever and forever!

Confidence in the Word has a single purpose: "To help Christians regain and increase their trust in the Bible." It is offered to all believers, irrespective of tradition or denomination, in the spirit of Matthew 10:8: "Give as freely as you have received."

If we can be of any further assistance to you, or if you have any comments or suggestions, do please contact us via our Guest Book. We should be delighted to hear from you.

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Acknowledgements & Thanks

Unless otherwise indicated Scripture references and quotations on this website are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation copyright 1996. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189, USA. All rights reserved.

Scripture references and quotations marked (NIV-UK) are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION, copyright 1973, 1979, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of the Hodder Headline Group. All rights reserved.

We wish to record our grateful thanks to Gospel Communications Network for making the valuable resources of the Bible Gateway freely available to all Web users. We also wish to record our thanks to the Biblical Studies Foundation for making the online NETBible available.

The source of other copyright material is shown at the end of each item, together with an appropriate acknowledgement. While the author has made every attempt to identify and obtain permission from the owners of copyright material, he apologises for any inadvertent errors or omissions, which will gladly be made good on receipt of notification from the copyright holder.

We also wish to offer our thanks to for their excellent hosting facilities.

The author would like to record his personal thanks to all who have assisted or encouraged him in the compilation of this website, particularly George Georgiou, formerly of Bible Society, for making the results of the Society's research available to him; Pastors Peter Norris and David Parsons for reviewing a first draft; Mrs Mary Bainbridge for proof reading and making a number of helpful suggestions; his sons David and Luke for technical help and advice; David Mears of New College, Swindon for initiating him in the mysteries of HTML; Timothy Holloway for his encouragement interest in the project; Mike and Chris Barratt for their prayers; and above all his wife, Ann, who has encouraged and supported him throughout the many months of researching and writing, and especially in the many times he has been on the verge of giving it all up! No list of those to whom thanks are due would be complete without acknowledging the gracious help of the Lord himself, from whom alone comes every good and perfect gift (James 1:17 (NIV-UK)). To him be the glory and praise, now and forever!

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Confidence in the Word was last fully updated in March 2003. There have been numerous corrections and many minor modifications since. Updating is an ongoing activity.

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Links to Other Websites were fully updated, with additions, in May, 2004.

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