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We sincerely hope that Confidence in the Word has helped you develop a greater measure of assurance in handling the Scriptures.

At the same time, we gratefully acknowledge the invaluable work already done, and being done, by many others to the same end. The author recognises that his own efforts are merely as a drop in the ocean. Even so, he takes comfort from the fact that without many such drops there would be no ocean!

The links we offer are arranged alphabetically, in two groups:

While the author has every confidence in the integrity of the authors of the websites to which he offers links, he regrets he can neither accept responsibility for the information displayed on them, nor for the contents of any sites to which they may themselves be linked.

He regrets he has felt obliged to delete the complete section "Bible Colleges and Courses" previously included on this page, since he has been unable to verify that all the facilities listed are bona-fide institutions and hold ureservedly to the plenary inspiration and authority of Holy Scripture. Rather than mislead any intending students, he has preferred to remain silent on the matter.

When visiting other websites we urge you always to apply 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 (NIV-UK) and 1 John 4:1-3.

Bibles & Bible-related Websites

This section offers links to organisations or individuals from whom permission has been obtained for the use of copyright material, which the author has consulted while preparing this website, or with which he is otherwise personally acquainted. Wherever possible, descriptions have been taken from the websites themselves, or from printed material produced by the owners.

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is a comprehensive tool for reading and researching Scripture online in a wide range of languages and versions. In addition to a basic Quicksearch facility Bible Gateway offers a range of advanced searching capabilities. The site also includes a number of additional resources together with links to other study tools.

To help you familiarise yourself with its range of search options, Bible Gateway includes a quick tutorial explaining the various searches available.

The Bible Gateway may be freely accessed by any website or individual, although there are limitations to what may be copied or downloaded due to copyright restrictions. All scripture references provided in Confidence in the Word are in the form of links to the Bible Gateway.

The search facility below offers a small taste of what is available:

Look up a verse, passage or chapter in the Bible

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Begun in 1994, Bible Gateway is part of the Gospel Communications Network website containing a wide range of Bible-related and other Christian study material.

BibleMaster offers a wide range of resources including online Bibles and Bible studies as well as the Bible's answers to questions of topical interest.

Of particular value to visitors to Confidence in the Word will be the Study Aids section which includes a number of classic commentaries, Nave's Topical Concordance, a Bible dictionary and encyclopaedia. The search box below enables you to search the extensive database of Bible studies.

BibleMaster also invites enquiries from potential contributors of Bible studies to its website.


Bible Research

The Bible Research website, researched and developed by Michael Marlowe of Northeast Ohio, USA,  contains a wealth of detailed information on the history of the canon, texts and versions of the Scriptures, written from a conservative and reformed standpoint.

The text of the Decree of the Council of Trent, which affirmed the books of the Apocrypha as canonical in the sight of the Roman Church, may be viewed in both English and Latin. For those with a particular interest in the development of the Old Testament canon we recommend the article Old Testament Canon and Apocrypha. is a European search-and-tools resource sponsored jointly by the Christian InterNet Association (CINA) of Germany in cooperation with the International Bible Society (Europe) to provide a reliable Bible reference, personal spiritual resource and tool for research and evangelism. Available in 18 languages, the site offers the Bible in 17 languages and 25 translations, together with the Hebrew Old Testament, the Greek New Testament, the Septuagint and Vulgate. Other features include text comparison, a library of  Bible dictionaries and commentaries, personal verse lists and a discussion board.

Bible Society

Founded in 1804 as The British and Foreign Bible Society, Bible Society today acts as an advocate for the Bible in contemporary cultures, resourcing and influencing those who shape society and making the Bible heard by all. Bible Society believes passionately that the Bible is indispensable for the future well being of our world, and seeks to provide links between the stories, values, claims and aspirations of the Bible and people’s everyday lives. Working through a Global Alliance of supporters, churches and the international fellowship of the United Bible Societies, Bible Society's vision is to make the Bible heard by all people everywhere.

It was the research he encountered while working for Bible Society that inspired the author to compile this website. (formerly known as Biblical Studies Foundation) was founded to distribute evangelical Bible study materials in electronic format so those with only small personal libraries and without a comprehensive local theological library, may have access to biblical studies direct from their home.

The site is the home of the NETBible, which offers a modern English translation (including the Apocrypha), with translators' and study notes, for electronic distribution over the Internet and on CDRom. Anyone, anywhere in the world, with an Internet connection may use or download the NETBible without cost for personal study or sharing with others. Printouts may be made for free distribution.

Our recommended article, How Many Books are in the Bible? is taken from the extensive database of biblical and theological studies.

Churchmouse Website

Churchmouse is the pseudonym of the late Peter Fairweather, a native of the city of Lincoln, England, who described himself as having a long standing and far reaching interest in Ecclesiastical Architecture, Stained Glass, Church Monuments and other Funerary Monuments such as Cast Iron Grave Markers. His website features a considerable collection of annotated photographs of churches, church monuments, stained glass and cast iron grave markers mainly, though not exclusively, from Lincolnshire.

Our picture of the Sower window in Lincoln Cathedral is taken from Churchmouse's Stained Glass collection (scroll down to Other Stained Glass).

CWR Crusade for World Revival

Founded in 1965, and for many years directed, by Selwyn Hughes, CWR is an international ministry with a vision to help people across the world apply God's Word to everyday life and relationships. CWR does this through a wide range of Biblically based resources.


Daily Bible Study

The creation of a Canadian Christian, Wayne Blank, the Daily Bible Study website consists of a collection of almost 3,000 Bible studies. The author states, I produced this web site solely to encourage people to read the Bible, to study the Bible, and especially to believe the Bible. The Word of God is where the absolute Truth will be found, not from anywhere, or anyone, else.

The site also includes a comprehensive range of Bible maps.

A particularly helpful feature of this website is the Bible Reading Plan. This takes the reader through the entire Bible in a single year, and may be started at the beginning of any week.

E100 Bible Reading Challenge

E100 is a relatively new Bible reading scheme consisting of 100 carefully selected passages (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament) which take the reader right through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in 100 days (or more or fewer, according to the reader's preference). The 'E' in the title stands for 'Essential'. While the programme is intended primarily for those new to, or returning to, bible reading, it will also be of great help to more experienced readers by enabling them to gain an overall grasp of some of the leading themes of the whole of Scripture. 

E100 is intended for use by groups as well as individuals. The scheme is available as a free download from the website (navigate to Resources and choose the Free downloads option), and companion materials may be purchased at moderate cost. Initially pioneered by Scripture Union in the USA, E100 is now a part of the Biblefresh initiative in the UK, for which a consortium consisting of the national Bible Societies, Scripture Unions and Wycliffe Bible Translators has been formed. We commend E100 and Biblefresh to you.

Evangelicals Now

Evangelicals Now (EN) is a monthly Christian newspaper serving the UK evangelical sector, with sections devoted to UK and world news, features, reviews and readers' letters.

A particularly helpful feature of the EN website is an annually updated index of evangelical Churches Away in the UK and Europe for those who may be away from home or moving to a new area.

The Good Book Company

Originating in Australia, The Good Book Company exists to provide biblical resources to help churches and individuals grow in their understanding of the Christian faith. It is an interdenominational organisation that produces and distributes its own resources, and those of its partner organisation, Matthias Media, as well as other selected books, tapes and courses.

Go Teach Publications Limited

With the aim of providing churches and teachers with material to help them teach the Word of God effectively to children and young people Go Teach Publications publishes a series of weekly Bible teaching material for use with children and young people aged 3 to 14 years. It is the longest established producer of such materials in the UK, having originally begun in 1946. Go Teach Bible teaching materials are currently available in English, Welsh, Russian, Romanian and Arabic, and are distributed in many countries throughout the world.

Grow with the Bible

Since 1996 a number of major UK Bible agencies have been working together under the joint name Grow with the Bible to tackle the alarming decline in personal Bible reading throughout the country. The site includes details of the daily Bible reading notes offered by the agencies, together with links additional resources to assist your personal Bible reading and understanding. There is also an index of the bookshops supporting the scheme. 

Institute for Bible Translation

The Institute for Bible Translation is a non-profit organisation founded in 1973, based in Sweden, whose main aim is the translation and publication of the Bible in the languages of non-Slavic peoples living in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Some of these peoples number many millions; other languages have only a few thousand speakers. Some of the languages have a long written tradition; in others a written form is only now being created.

Internet Christian Library (ICLnet)

ICLnet has grown upon the foundation laid by The Institute for Christian Leadership (ICL), which from 1983 to 1995 provided resources addressing critical issues facing Christian higher education in the USA. Founded in 1992, ICLnet claims to be the original "Christian" internet site. Initially developed as an archive to support research, it later expanded as a ministry function of ICL and also provided the first online home for a number of Christian organisations.

From its inception, ICL has worked without gimmicks or cost to its users. For this reason most of the site is in plain text.

The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy is just one of ICLnet's vast library of resources.

Internet Evangelism & Training

Internet Evangelist and Training (NET), is described by its author as "An index of fascinating, informative, entertaining and uplifting web pages for born again Christians and Bible believers of all churches and denominations". NET is largely the work of Grantley Morris, an Australian, and covers a vast range of topics of interest to the enquiring Christian.

Of especial relevance to visitors to Confidence in the Word are the articles on the Bible. Our link takes you to an article entitled "Read His Love Letters" which we commend to any who may still be doubtful about the value of reading the Scriptures for themselves.

Although written principally in English, NET also has a number of translated pages in a variety of other languages.


New Living Translation

The New Living Translation (NLT) was chosen as the principal version of the Scriptures for Confidence in the Word because of its reliability coupled with readability for those either reading the Bible for the first time or returning to the Bible after a break of some time.

The NLT website includes a range of features to help you with Bible Study - suitable for those new to the Bible as well as the more experienced user.

You may be interested to read a brief, but informative article about the background and principles of translation employed in the NLT, while a more extended critical review of the version is offered by Bible Research.

J B Phillips

Compiled by Gordon Smith of Penarth, South Wales, who says: My interest in J B Phillips came from using his highly-readable translation of the New Testament (bought secondhand for 10 pence) to explore the Gospels, Acts, Letters and the Apocalypse for my own purposes. The results of my researches follow.

We hope you will not only find this site interesting, but that it will also deepen your love for God's Word as you read it in one of the earliest, yet still most accessible, of modern versions made by one who was truly a pioneer

Ian Pollock

The contemporary illustrator, Ian Pollock, has created a remarkable collection of 76 works depicting the miracles and parables of Christ, which have been exhibited in the EICH Gallery, Hull, England.

The picture from which we have taken a detail in Our Only Sure and Safe Foundation is number 31 in the series Parables of Christ.

Marybeth Stafford

From the age of 10 Marybeth Stafford knew art would be her passion. Through what she believes to be a divine commission, painting is now not only her vocation but her ministry, the kind that comes from trusting God to enlighten and empower her imagination with images of his heart. Through her compositions Marybeth seeks to intermingle her love of art with her love for God. Drawn to the drama of colour, many of her creations are composite paintings that tell stories of the metamorphosis of the human soul. Why not see for yourself? We are sure you will be uplifted and inspired.

The picture we have used to illustrate the author's meditation on Psalm 1 in may be viewed in a larger format on the artist's What's New? page.

TWR (Trans World Radio)

Trans World Radio (UK) is part of a world-wide ministry which makes and broadcasts Christian radio programmes, and also provides transmission, training and follow-up services for both itself and others. TWR-UK supports world mission projects and encourages prayer and financial support. TWR has been active in the UK since the 1960's and has won several prestigious awards for its work. Its programme schedule comprises substantial Bible teaching series as well as Christian music, missionary news updates, and children's programming.

As well as broadcasting on satellite, TWR-UK simultaneously streams its programmes on the internet. TWR-UK is currently working towards transmitting on digital radio; this will make its programmes available to 85% of the UK population, about six times the current satellite audience.

Learn about TWR's worldwide ministry by visiting the international website.

United Bible Societies (UBS)

The United Bible Societies (UBS) is a worldwide fellowship of over 130 national Bible societies working in more than 200 countries and territories. Under the UBS "umbrella" these societies join together for consultation, mutual support and action in their task of achieving the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures and of helping people interact with the Word of God through art, drama, film, in politics, the media and schools. UBS member societies seek to carry out their task in partnership and co-operation with indigenous Christian Churches and church-related organisations. The reality of all this activity is the wonderful way God is blessing the work, with many, many lives being transformed through acquaintance with the Bible.

United Christian Broadcasters (UCB)

UCB is one of the UK’s leading Christian media ministries and has a vision for Christian revival across the UK and a passion to help bring this about, directly or indirectly, one person at a time, irrespective of their religious beliefs. UCB broadcasts Christian radio programming on digital satellite, cable and the web. UCB’s The Word For Today daily Bible devotional has a circulation which exceeded one million people a quarter in 2003.

You can hear the Scriptures read around the clock, seven days a week, on a monthly cycle, using a selection of versions. Our link takes you to the daily programme schedule page which also offers facilities to 'listen now'.

Walk Thru' the Bible Ministries

Walk Thru' the Bible is a ministry offering a unique series of Bible survey seminars, enabling participants to grasp the BIG PICTURE of God's revelation in the Scriptures. Originating in an American theological college in 1976, Walk Thru' seminars are now presented to students and adults in many countries.

 Bible Explorer, a companion programme for junior school children has more recently been introduced.  Working within the constraints of the secular education curriculum, Bible Explorer aims to help children to discover the Bible for themselves through introducing them to the main story line of the Scriptures.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe Bible Translators UK is part of an international association of Wycliffe organisations comprising of over 5,000 active members from 46 countries. Within the UK its role is to provide the links for churches here to help build the church around the world and give people access to the words of life.

If, after browsing the site, you believe the Lord may be calling you to offer assistance with the work of Wycliffe Translators from where you are in the UK,  may we suggest a visit to Wycliffe Associates?


Year of the Bible

The Year of the Bible programme of the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company (FEBC) was devised to encourage English-speaking people throughout the world to read the entire New Testament in a year. Each day's reading takes about 5 minutes and may be read online in the Contemporary English Version (CEV).

If either you are new to Bible reading, or are returning after a break, we would commend this reading plan to you.


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Christian Search Engines

This section comprises those Christian directories which have kindly provided links to Confidence in the Word. We gladly reciprocate their kindness.


ChristSites was created to provide a speedy method of locating Christian websites.

You may search ChristSites directly from here:


Search for

Claiming to be the world's largest religious directory, is organised into 27 categories and also offers a series of discussion boards.

UK Christians

UK Christians is described as a Bridge Directory of UK Christian Links: An index of sites with descriptions which allow you to find the site you are after quickly and easily.

You will need to register when you access this site for the first time.

UK Christian Web

The UK Christian Web aims to make the web more accessible to Christians by offering a one-stop resource for links to UK hosted and high UK content Christian websites. It includes resources for Bible study, together with a directory of churches, events, jobs and a discussion forum, plus links to search engines.


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